12 Email Campaign Ideas For the 2021 Holiday Season

🎶 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” 🎶 - and that’s especially true for e-commerce stores! 

November is in full swing and if you’re not there already, we’re about to dive head first into Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

But with so much going on in your business between supplier issues, shipping delays, and an increase in customer service inquiries, it can be tough to get your email marketing on task. 

Since email is responsible for a huge percentage of holiday sales, it isn’t worth skipping. 

So, to help make your holiday season just a bit easier, I’ve put together a list of campaigns to send over the holiday season. Send a few, send them all… whatever works for you! 

Campaign # 1 Happy Thanksgiving

Let’s start with the obvious ones (because sometimes we just need to see it written out to feel ready to take action). 

Send a short and sweet message to your subscribers wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. Let them know you are thankful for their support. 

If you haven’t started your big sale yet, add a countdown timer to the email to let them know when your sale goes live. 

Campaign # 2 Black Friday for VIPs

Send this campaign out to VIPs to give them a head start shopping before all the goodies are gone. Try segmenting for those who have purchased at least 3 times and have a high average order value. 

Bonus: If you’re using SMS, shoot out an SMS with the VIP email as an extra perk for being subscribed there as well. 

Campaign # 3 Black Friday Announcement

Officially start your sale and get the traffic flowing with an announcement. Include a wider segment than you typically would send to. Include those who shopped this time last year, even if it’s been a while since they’ve engaged. 

Campaign # 4  Small Business Saturday

If you’re a small business, this is a good fit. If you have a brick and mortar, shoot this out to those within a 20-30 mile radius to bring in some foot traffic. 

Campaign # 5  Last Chance

Urgency typically boosts sales. Send out an email to those who have engaged (opened or clicked) or viewed products during your sale to remind them to take action before the sale comes down. Remember to exclude people who have already purchased. 

This campaign can be used multiple times throughout the holiday season. Fall back on it each time you are ending a sale. 

Campaign # 6  Sale Extension

For those who just missed out, extend the sale by a day to bring in a burst of sales. Target those who have viewed products during your sale but didn’t take action. This is another campaign that can be used multiple times throughout the season. 

Campaign # 7 12 Deals of Christmas

Ok, so this is more than 1 email. Start running these campaigns in early December to get shoppers coming back to check out the deals each day. Make a quick, today-only offer to stress urgency. 

Campaign # 8 Last Day for Regular Shipping

Remind customers when the final day to order and receive by Christmas is. Feature smaller / less expensive products in this email as many people will be finished with big ticket item shopping. 

Campaign # 9 Last Day for 2-Day Shipping

If you have multiple shipping options, send a reminder out about the very last day to purchase and still get items under the tree. These are very last minute shoppers, so feature smaller gifts. 

Campaign # 10 Happy Holidays

Write a sincere message wishing everyone happy holidays. I suggest leaving any promo or sales push out of this email. 

Campaign # 11 Boxing Day Sale

Now that everyone has opened their gifts, it’s time to head out and get what you really wanted. ;) 

This is a good campaign for stores who sell products that aren’t typically given as gifts, but bought for oneself. Offer a small promo and feature your best-selling products. 

Campaign # 12 Year in Review

Round out the year with a review. This can include your most popular blog posts, social posts, products, etc. Or, just a quick summary of what your brand has accomplished throughout the year (new product launches, notable features, charity work, team growth, etc.). 

And the list goes on…

Really, you can be as creative as you want with these campaigns, so let your creative juices flow! 

There is no right or wrong email to send. As long as it’s on brand and fits in with your business plan, it can be a helpful part of your email marketing strategy. 

If you’re ready to get serious about your email marketing and start earning at least 20% of your revenue from email, let’s chat! Book an appointment to find out more about working with The Email Lady.