5 Reasons Your Abandon Carts Aren’t Converting and How to Fix it Today

5 Reasons Your Abandon Carts Aren’t Converting and How to Fix it Today

Possibly the most frustrating part of running an ecommerce shop is seeing the number of visitors who get to your page, choose an item, make it all the way to checkout… and then disappear without a trace. 

While this is just a part of doing business (and you’ll never be able to completely eliminate abandoned carts), there are a few ways that you can persuade those visitors to come on back and complete the purchase. 

The first option is to retarget these visitors using paid advertisement. 

This can work, but you’ll have to pay to get them back. 

The other option is to contact them via email. While many people who abandon their cart won’t be subscribed to your list, there are ways to contact them at least once to bring them back. 

Whether you decide to retarget via paid ads or not, I highly suggest doing everything possible to optimize your abandoned cart sequence because the cost is a teeny-tiny fraction (virtually free).

Even if you hire an expert to optimize your flow, you’ll be using these emails until you decide to freshen them up or redo your branding. Therefore, the cost per recipient over time will become increasingly low while your revenue will continue to grow. 

But what if my Abandoned Cart Sequence isn’t converting?

If you haven’t optimized your sequence, it’s probably not doing as well as it can. 

According to Shopify, the average recovery rate on am AC email is just 7%. Just by optimizing this on one client’s site, I was able to increase this conversion to 14% -- just in one email. 

Adding additional emails to the flow led to even more conversions. 

How Can I Double My Abandoned Cart Recoveries?

If you’re looking to do the same, follow these 5 tips for best results. 

1. Know Where You Stand. 

When I get on a call with potential shop owners, I always ask how their current sequence is doing. A majority of the time, they respond with “I have no idea!” 

Sometimes, they’re not even sure if they have an Abandoned Cart email or sequence. 

If that’s you, that’s ok. Because you’re here now and you’re ready to take action. Just make sure to check your stats and take a look at your sequence ASAP. Sometimes, outdated or unbranded messages are going out. Or, you could be letting a lot of money flood down the drain because there’s nothing there at all. 

The sooner you follow these tips and get something in place, the more money you’ll have streaming back to your bank account.

2. Customize Your Flow

Using the flow that is linked to your shopping cart isn’t bad, but you’ll want to customize it for better results. The one that comes out of the box is fairly generic and doesn’t convert well. 

You’ll likely need to know some code to get it to look the way you want (or you’ll need to hire someone), but it’s worth the cost as you’ll begin seeing additional revenue almost right away. 

When customizing, opt to make the emails look like the ones you typically send via campaigns and additional flows, complete with your font, colors, and menu header. 

3. Pay Attention to the Creative

The creative (the copy and graphics) is a big part of your email strategy. Because Abandon Cart emails are some of the emails with the highest open rates, this is a great time to showcase your brand, your mission, what makes you unique, and what else you have to offer. 

It’s easy to just throw up some basic copy and slap on an image of your logo, but taking the extra time to improve your creative will go a long way. 

Remember to use images that resonate with your audience (vs. your logo) and copy that speaks to what solution or benefit is ultimately looking for. 

4. Experiment with Sequence Length

For prospects not on your list, you’ll only get one chance at sending out an email. 

For anything beyond that, prospects will need to be subscribed to your list and willing to receive marketing. 

But there will be those who are on your list, so utilize this Email Real Estate wisely. 

After the first email, you can offer a discount as an incentive for visitors to come back. You’ll naturally see a decline in open, clicks, and conversions at a certain point in your sequence. Start with at least 3 emails. If your open rate is still high, continue to a 4th or 5th in the sequence. 

5. Utilize Urgency

If you’re using an email service provider such as Klaviyo, you can easily add dynamic coupon codes to your flows. 

Dynamic coupons allow you to set individualized expiration times on codes. This allows you to give visitors a strict deadline (24, 48, 0r 72 hours work well). 

Once the code goes out to the user, it will be activated. Then, it will expire in the time set by you. 

Urgency alone won’t sell your products, but for someone on the fence, it can be a very persuasive motivator. 

Implement these 5 tips and let me know how your results improve!

Or, get these results without lifting a finger. 

If you need help with your email marketing, let’s chat! Click below to book a time on my calendar for a complimentary consultation call where we’ll discuss your current situation, how you can improve results, and next steps for taking email marketing off your plate.