After working with dozens of e-commerce store owners, I can say one thing for certain: most owners leave a whole pile of money on the table every month because they’re ignoring their list!

No judgment. I’ve done it too.

But now that I’ve worked with numerous shops and have seen the results that they get using email sequences, I know better.

There are two reasons why shop owners aren’t maximizing their list.

  1. They don’t know what to write.
  2. They’re too busy.

Let’s address issue #1: Not knowing what to write.

I get it. It’s tough to think of new content weekly (or sometimes even monthly). Some niches are more content friendly than others, and if you’re in a “tough” content niche, it could be even more challenging to think of new content regularly.

That’s why I’m a big fan of automated evergreen sequences.

After they are set up, there’s no thinking (or doing) involved.

Plus, they will work to bring in sales, consistently, for as long as you want to run them. Even if you need to update them in the future, the work is minimal.

If that’s where you’re struggling, here is some inspiration.

Here is a list of 5 sequences that will bring in sales (on autopilot) indefinitely.

Welcome Series

A great way to welcome prospects to your list is via a welcome sequence. Add a coupon code, introduce your most popular products, demonstrate the benefits of your products, or show how to use them. The choice is yours, but once you get this setup, you’ll convert a lot more prospects into paying customers!

Get yours up and running ASAP. It's absolutely worth it. Expect emails to convert at $6, $8 or even $12 per email sent for one of the highest performing flows in your arsenal. 

Get your own DIY Welcome Sequence Toolkit here. 

Upsell Series

Once you get someone to purchase, it’s time to enact the upsell sequence.

Here’s where you get to showcase some of your add-on products or show products that compliment each other.

Remember, once someone purchases from you, they’re much more likely to purchase again! Take advantage of it 

Re-buy Series

If you have a product that runs out, consider setting reminders for your customers. If you sell a makeup, for example, shoot something out 2 or 3 months after purchase. If they liked your product and are running out, they’ll jump on the reminder.

New Coupon Series

Bring past customers back with a new coupon sequence. Activate this after your customers haven’t engaged with your shop in a while, or even if they never purchased, to begin with. Consider offering free shipping, 10% off, or a free sample product with a purchase.

Testimonial Series

Here’s a tip for power users: testimonials are some of the best sales copy you can find.

Make sure you have a never-ending stream of testimonials by activating a testimonial sequence. Customers will leave their reviews which you can use across all of your marketing material.

It’s an automatic way to create content, but also a great way to sell lots more product.

Ok – that took care of issue #1 – not knowing what to write.

What about issue #2, being too busy?

If you know you want to boost sales with an email sequence (or two), let’s chat!

Email sequences are an automatic, low-cost way to boost sales indefinitely. And when we work together, you won’t even have to lift a finger! 

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