FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Outsourcing your E-Commerce Email Marketing

Outsourcing any part of your business can feel a bit scary, and you want to make sure it’s done right the first time. 

Email marketing is no exception. 

Your automated email flows and live campaigns can account for a significant chunk of your revenue, so making sure the process runs smoothly can feel a little stressful. 

That’s why I put together this quick read… to answer all your questions before you decide to move forward. 

Q: What exactly does an email marketing agency do?

A:  In short, we make sure your emails are doing the following: 

  1. Turning otherwise non-buyers into paying customers. 
  2. Turn customers into repeat customers and loyal fans. 
  3. Increase credibility and desire for your brand. 
  4. Stay “front of mind” as the go-to brand n your market. 
  5. Make you more money.


Q: How will you increase our revenue? By how much?

A: We’ll start by taking a look at your marketing goals and decide the best way to engage your customers. From there, we’ll develop a system of automated flows and live campaigns to support those goals. 


Q: What’s the difference between an automated flow and a live campaign?

A: Automated flows are emails (or a series of emails) that are triggered based on an action or event. For example, a flow can be triggered when a prospect visits a web page, subscribes to your list, buys a product, has a birthday, enters a segment, etc. 

Live Campaigns are sent to your entire audience, or a portion of your audience, on a specific date. 

Q: What does the email marketing agency do and what will my responsibility be?

A: It depends on the package you select. 

Full-service packages are fairly hands-off for you, but there is some information that I’ll need each month to make sure the strategy is aligned with your current goals such as new products you have coming out, products that might be discontinuing, places you’ve been featured (or other news), new content you plan to release, etc. 

Once we receive that information, we’ll create the strategy, the content (copy and graphics), build out the email, schedule (or build out the flow), and create any segments that need to be made for the flows or sends. 

The entire process is completely transparent. You’ll have continuous access to the document to see the process at every stage if you desire. 

Before the emails go out, you’ll have complete creative control to make changes, edits, and suggestions. 

Q: What about last-minute promotions?

A: With the exception of nights and weekends, we can typically accommodate last minute requests at a nominal fee. 

Q: How will we measure results?

A: For most companies, we’re looking at a few things: 

  1. The % of revenue attributed to email sales. 
  2. The % of opens, clicks, and conversions. 
  3. The revenue per email sent. 
  4. New contacts added. 
  5. Contact loss rate. 

There are a few other KPIs that might come into play depending on your marketing goals. For example, we might look at reviews generated, social shares, or web events, depending on the campaign. 

Q: What’s your email marketing philosophy?

A: Pick up a copy of The Email Lady’s Ecom Marketing Strategy Guide. Use code STRATEGY to get it for free for a limited time. 

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