How to Maximize (Everyday) Holiday Sales

Labor Day has come and gone and we've seen some GREAT results coming through our client's Klaviyo accounts.

Our 3-Part Recipe for Success

The brand featured in this post was able to generate over $4,482 in just 3 days with a list of under 8,000.

Labor Day Weekend Results

Here's How:

1. Holidays are prime time for buying. And we don't need to wait until Black Friday to get in the holiday spirit. Labor Day is just one example, but you can find small holidays throughout the year (literally, every day if you want). Make sure you plan a few of these days into your promo calendar. We recommend about 20% of your emailing to be promotional related.

2. Send more than one email. Again and again, we hear from hesitant e-com owners that they're afraid to email their list about a sale more than once. That's a HUGE mistake. Look at the stats in the picture above. The first email only generated $716 where the second TWO emails more than DOUBLED the first in revenue. While the open rate did drop on the third email, it's still well within the "safe" range.

3. Exclude those who have recently purchased. This removes the feeling that you're "always running a sale." It also eliminates the possibility that a customer will have a negative reaction since they recently purchased a now discounted item.

Remember these tips for your next holiday sale! And if you need help, let's connect!