How To Plan Your 2021 Holiday Season (E-commerce Sales)




Although the weather outside is far from frightful, it's just about the right time to start planning your holiday sales strategy. 

As you know, e-commerce blows. UP. during November. Well, for most of us. 

November sales are on fire!

If you want to be on the winning side of the sales reports this season, you need to plan ahead. 

And that means starting now. 

Why Email?

Email (and SMS) is such an important sales generator during the holidays because you own it. 

Paid advertising increases in Q4 because of the increase in demand. While driving paid traffic isn't a bad idea, you'll need to balance out that high cost with a higher ROI channel. 

Because you own your data, email and SMS become very high-revenue, low cost ways to generate sales. 

Plus, people on your email list have (hopefully) gotten to know, like, and trust you over the past few months. They won't need to go Googling for other options come Black Friday if a brand they trust shows up with an incredible offer. In other words, this audience is hot! Don't ignore them. 😉

When to Start Planning for E-commerce Holiday Sales?

The thing about email is if you don't use it, you lose it. Well, kind of. 

More accurately, if you don't email your list regularly, they will get cold and stop responding. 

As we're moving into the months leading directly to holiday sales, it's important to make sure you're keeping your list warm and that you reach out to all (even low value segments) of your audience to attempt to re-engage them before November comes. 

Now, hopefully you would have kept in touch with them consistently. But, if you didn't, now is the time to start. 

If you have kept your list warm, make sure you reach out to lesser engaged segments before the holidays roll around. 

(Psssst.... if you struggle to email your list regularly, let's chat. We can take the whole process off your plate from planning to execution... and make you a whole lot more money in the process)!


What to Send

August - October are all about getting engagement up and keeping it up so you will have the most eyeballs on your emails come November. 

With that being said, it can be tough to think of new ways to interact with your audience. 

Yet, a weekly email (at the very least) tends to do best for most brands. Here are some things you could send your audience each week: 

1. Content Feature - showcase a blog, video, podcast, or social post

2. Content Spin - take a popular piece and rewrite it for email.

3. Community Shoutout - showcase those great reviews and mentions you're getting on social. 

4. Product or Category Feature - let them know all about a product they might love. 

5. Customer Appreciation - pull reviews from past-purchasers and showcase them next to products. Thank your crew for all the kind words and offer a small promo as a thank you. 


Stay tuned to learn more about holidays 2021. 

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