Plan and Organize Killer Email Content with these 5 Steps

So you have a list and some automated flows…

Now what?

If you want to get the most out of your email marketing, you need to be creating consistent killer email marketing content

Regularly engaging your list is the only way to maximize results and turn those leads into loyal fans. 

But many people get tripped up on one (very important) thing - what should I send? 

Here are 5 steps to planning and organizing your email marketing content. 

What is "killer email marketing content"?

Killer email marketing content is high quality, consistent, and either achieves or propels you towards your goals. Not only is your email copy and visuals supposed to keep your email list engaged, but it should convert leads, get downloads, drive traffic to your blog posts, etc. and be sent out on a consistent schedule.

And it's not as hard to achieve as it looks! Follow my 5 steps to planning and organizing your email marketing content and it will go from meh to killer content.

You should always be at least one step ahead of your customers, wherever they are in your sales pipeline. Are they a new subscriber? Hit them with a welcome email. Is it their birthday? Consider offering them a special discount. Are you offering a giveaway on your social media channels? Make sure you send them the links. There are a lot of emails that one customer needs to be hit with. To stay on top of it, you must plan and organize your email marketing content ahead of time. I recommend at least two weeks in advance to ensure consistency and quality. Especially if you want to create content that will always resonate and engage your email list.

Here are 5 steps to planning and organizing killer email marketing content.

1. Create an email marketing content calendar 

Create a Content Calendar

Dedicate a day or two every week to brainstorming your email marketing content. By carving out that time, your content will be higher quality compared to the ideas you squeeze out of your brain on a Sunday night, so you can get your Monday newsletter out the following morning. Task management software, such as Asana or Trello are great resources to visually organize your email marketing content.

TIP: When coming up with different content ideas, always ask yourself where the receiver is in their buyer's journey. Are they brand new to you and your products? Are they ready to make a purchase? Do they need more information about your products before making a purchase? The answers to these questions greatly impact the type of emails you need to be sending out and will help you come up with content ideas.

2. Determine the goal of each email

Alongside discovering where the receiver of content is in their buyer's journey, it is also important to plan what your goal for the email is. What do you want the receiver to do after they receive and read your email? Do you want to introduce yourself and appear personable? Is there a sale going on that you want them to take advantage of? Do you want them to participate in a survey about your products? Whatever it is, plan your email marketing content around your goal. From there, you can ensure that every word, image, and link works towards achieving it, which is important to understand before you dive into crafting the content itself. Otherwise, you will finish writing the email only to realize you have no idea why you are sending it.

3. Develop a landing page that allows you to understand your customers

To create killer email marketing content, you need to understand your customers' needs and wants. Why are they subscribing to your email list? What do they need and want from you? What problem of theirs can you solve with your products? While you will uncover more of these answers by sending them email content and analyzing how they interact with it, it is important to gauge an understanding of them at the very beginning too. You can do this by developing a landing page that asks their name, birthday, and maybe even a fun fact about them.

TIP: If you get to know them in the beginning stages of your relationship, such as learning their birthday, this offers you a great touchpoint opportunity. Create a flow in Klaviyo so when their birthday rolls around, an automatic email will be sent to them to show that you care!

4. Design email templates ahead of time


Design your email templates ahead of time because this will simplify your workflow and increase your productivity. Rather than having to create a new email template every time you sit down to write an email, you can save time and select one from your template library. Klaviyo's simple template design tools make this easy to do. You can create welcome emails, empty cart reminders, and everything in between!

Here are 7 email template ideas for E-commerce businesses to create right now:

  1. Product Roundup
  2. Holiday sale
  3. Product promotion
  4. New product launch
  5. Customer survey
  6. Blog / Content Update
  7. Featured reviews

For more email and email sequence ideas that will boost your e-commerce sales, check out my blog post HERE.

5. Always include a call to action

For any piece of content you create, whether it is for email or social media, you must include a call to action. A call to action is whatever action you want the email receiver to take after reading your email. If you want the receiver to take advantage of a sales promotion, your call to action will be something like: "Click HERE and Save 10%." If you want them to check out your recent blog post, it will be something like: "Read Now!" Whatever it is, make it compelling and clear. For example, make your CTA a great big and colorful button that immediately calls their attention.

When determining the goal of each email, the call to action should become obvious. If you convey your goal properly to the receiver through compelling and engaging language, you can gauge the content's overall success by seeing how many people clicked that call to action. If they clicked it, you know you've got yourself some killer email marketing content.

Those are the 5 steps to planning, organizing, and executing killer email marketing content. If you follow these simple steps, you will spend less time on your email marketing content but produce consistent, higher quality content overall.