We Ran the Numbers: Here's What We've Learned

Can you believe we’re already in September? Besides the abundance of pumpkin spiced offerings, not much has changed here in Las Vegas (yup, still in the upper 90’s most days)! Despite the ongoing summer weather, I need to remind myself that fall (and all the craziness that surrounds the e-commerce industry) is just around the corner!

As we wrap up August and start compiling the month-end reports, there are a few lessons that keep coming up and I thought they would be worth reiterating. Especially if you’re still DIYing your email (or if you haven’t started yet), these lessons can save you a lot of trouble. Just remember to make adjustments to your strategy well before that oh-so-anticipated holiday rush arrives. 

Lesson 1: Quality Beats Quantity

Yes, having a big list is great. But only when you are filling it with quality leads. This month we were reminded of that as we worked to repair accounts who bought, scraped, or otherwise acquired leads without proper opt-in practices (something we absolutely do not recommend nor support). 

Poor list quality means spending more money to store data and send to this list with little to no engagement or revenue generated. I realize it can be tempting to look for a quick list-growth fix, but it’s never worth it. Instead, focus on driving quality traffic and constantly A/B test your opt-in box to capture as many leads as possible. 

Lesson 2: Be Weary of Quizzes, Giveaways, and Other Games

Although many of our clients run paid social ads with success, not all campaigns lead to quality leads. After running the numbers on multiple lists generated via paid ads, it became clear that some campaigns were not generating buyers. 

Although ads can and do work when done properly, we typically see giveaways, quizzes, and other game-type lead generation schemes fall flat. If you’re set on running one of these campaigns, work with an experienced ad strategist to make sure you’re generating the right type of traffic. 

Lesson 3: When in Doubt, Go Back to the Basics

I’m constantly asked about email marketing strategy. While I’m tempted to go into all the details about audience segmentation, A/B testing, and conditional splits, it’s often not needed. That’s because a majority of people asking me about strategy aren’t yet implementing the basics. The truth is, the “basics” actually are responsible for over 80% of the revenue you’ll generate from email. Optimization and fancy automation are great and can help a more experienced store squeeze more revenue out, but it’s not necessary to start there. Instead, focus on setting up your welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase, and replenish flow. Then, commit to sending at least one email to your engaged list each week. Consistency is key! If you are building your list, you should start to see results almost immediately. 

That’s all… I’m going to get back to running and analyzing August numbers now. Remember, if you’re on one of our month plans, you’ll receive your reports soon so you’ll get a very clear picture of how your account is performing. 

If you’re not on one of our monthly plans but would like help with your email marketing (or just want your own in-depth analysis), go ahead and click here to grab a time on my calendar. We'll chat about the best next steps to help you reach your email marketing goals.